Increasing costs of water

PowerWater Corporation spend approximately $2.5M per year in pumping and treating water for use in the Darwin region, and this will continue to rise. This, as well as the 73% increase in your water prices of the last 3 years, is a good incentive to start looking where you can save water around your home and workplace.

The toilet is one of the most regularly used objects in the home, and while toilets may on average use just 3% of your home’s water consumption (PowerWater), it’s still an easy place to start saving water by reducing how much water is used in each flush.

WHerever you can, use the Half Flush rather than the Full Flush. In new toilets, Half Flush uses 3L, Full Flush 6L. In older toilets, each flush uses much more. In old single flush toilets, one flush can use 11L of drinkable water: what a waste.

The Flush Miser is a simple, small brass component that can easily be fitted to the full range of traditional toilet cisterns. This allows you to control the volume of water used in each flush, so as little as 1 litre of water can be used to flush smaller waste instead of 11 litres, and 3 litres to flush larger waste. The key is that you control the volume of water used, depending on how long you hold down the button.

NOTE: Some modern cisterns already allow you to control the length of your flush by the amount of time you hold the button down.

COOLmob have estimated that if your homes currently has an 11 litre single flush toilet, and the toilet is flushed 30 times a say, you can save up to $150 per year*.

The Flush miser can also be installed on dual flush toilets (older cisterns use 11 litres of water for a fully flush and 6 litres for a half flush). So even if you are already using half the water of a traditional single flush toilet, you’re still able to save up to $95 per year in water costs, simply by controlling the length of each flush.

The savings are that easy.


Installation is so easy you can do it yourself! Just lift up your cistern lid and drop the Flush miser into the centre column .


Price of water (July 2014, residential PowerWater customers): $1.81 per kilolitre (kL)
NB: 1 kL = 1,000 L