Sustainable Tropical Design

COOLmob Booklet: Design for the Tropics

coolmob_design_smallWe’ve put together a very handy easy-to-read booklet to help inform you about sustainable home design for the tropics. It includes great advice on:

  • Getting started
  • Your house structure
  • Inside your home
  • Outside your home

Click here to download a PDF copy (2.3MB).

National Government Advice

Information on home design for the buyer and renovator, technical information and sustainable urban development, from the Government’s Your Home Technical Manual, now in its fifth edition:

Other COOLmob booklets:

Greenhouse Friendly Habits (behavioural tips to reduce energy at home) and Greenhouse Friendly Hardware for Top End Housing (products you can buy, use and install to make your home more energy efficient). Click on the images below to download.

habits2coolmob_hardware cover