Sustainable Transport

The way that you travel to and from work, and also while at work, will impact on your workplace’s sustainability goals. Optimising fleet efficiency and changing travel patterns will save you and your workplace money on fuel bills, reduce carbon emissions and improve staff members’ health.


CarpoolCarpooling refers to sharing rides with colleagues, neighbours – anyone who regularly travels the same route as you and can share one car between two or more people. If you’ve looked at rush hour traffic and noticed how many cars are single occupant, imagine that by sharing those rides we could cut the amount of traffic on the road by 50% or more.

Initiate a carpool system with your colleagues today.

Sustainable Fleet Maintenance

  • Ensure that cars are serviced regularly and follow the schedule recommended by the manufacturer. Regular fleet maintenance will reduce air pollution from the vehicle
  • Make sure you drive smoothly and encourage your colleagues to do the same
  • Purchase carbon offsets to offset the emissions from car and air travel

Green Vehicle Guide & Biofuels

  • If you are leasing or buying work vehicles make sure you review the Green Vehicle Guide. This Guide rates new Australian vehicles based on greenhouse and air pollution emissions.
  • Always choose bio-blended fuels for vehicles. Fryer Fuels in Winnellie recycle waste oil and convert it to bio-diesel. Bio-diesel is safe for your vehicle, is much cheaper to purchase and has significantly less emissions than petro-diesel.

Sustainable Travel Options

  • If possible work from home to save on transport costs and emissions
  • Increase phone and video conferencing where possible to reduce the need for car and air travel
  • If you live close to work ride a bike or walk. For longer trips take the bus
  • Register your workplace for the National Ride2Work Day and encourage all staff to work. You could even organise a staff breakfast after for people who ride.
  • Start up a car pool with other colleagues. This shares the cost of petrol and reduces parking problems. For staff that are car pooling reward them with free or priority parking or other incentives
  • Offer incentives to staff who carpool such as free parking, priority parking or fuel vouchers.