Sustainable Apartments

In 2012 COOLmob ran projects called Sustainable Apartments and Building on Sustainable Apartments to cater to the growing demographic of Darwin housing which is high density. Both projects were funded with NT Government grants.

There is a lot you can do if you live in an apartment, to save energy and water and live more efficiently. As a resident, even if you can’t put solar panels on your roof or extensively grow your own vegetables, you can still find sustainability tips for things you can do at home from COOLmob.

As a body corporate of an apartment building, you have an incentive to try to reduce the communal electricity use areas you pay for: lighting, elevators and automatic doors. That’s where the Sustainable Apartments project came in: providing energy audits and tailored advice for body corporates to reduce their building’s energy consumption.

To find out more about these projects, contact us to find out more about other sustainable apartments initiatives around the country, see for example Smart Blocks.