Sustainability Audits

COOLmob has traditionally offered low cost or free home energy audits for Top End residents, part of a service supported by NT Government and PowerWater Corporation.

This service ceased in 2013, but we’re hopeful we will one day offer discounted audits again. In the meantime, visit Smart Cooling in the Tropics to see if you may qualify for a free home energy audit.

Book an audit 

COOLmob offers full-price home energy audits starting from $320 per house. Prices vary depending on distance from Darwin. Contact COOLmob to discuss your needs, by emailing or phoning 8981 2532.

The average electricity consumption of a Darwin household is around 25kWh per day, which ends up costing you about $2,658 each year. An investment in a COOLmob home energy audit can save you anywhere from 10% to 30% off your home’s consumption, saving you between $248 and $742 each year. Now that’s smart! Call us to find out more.

Sustainability Assessments – do your own:

Click here if you want to know how to do your own sustainability assessment.