Smart Cooling Case Studies

Ayu Taylor

Taylor Residence, Anula

Ayu’s home energy assessment identified that the application of roof paint would assist her family reflect unwanted heat out of their home, increasing comfort levels and reducing the need for air conditioning.

 Brown Residence, DriverFLIR0151 - website crop

Ann’s home energy assessment identified that a professional air conditioner cleaning package and ecoswitch would prove most beneficial to her. This has allowed her appliances to run more cost effectively and extended the life of her air conditioners.

 IMG_1567 - Website cropMowaey Residence, Woodroffe

Based on the home energy assessment Doris’ received a fly screen package from the Smart Cooling Project. This replaced the damaged fly screens on doors and windows, which enabled Doris to safely open up her home to take advantage of natural breezes that reduce the need                                                       for air conditioning.


 McKenna Residence, GirraweenFLIR1569

Paul’s home energy assessment identified that the installation of a fan package would prove most beneficial to his already well designed tropical home. This included a floor and free standing pedestal fan to increase thermal comfort and help Paul stay cool in areas of the home                                                              where his ceiling fans did not adequately reach,

Maxine, Baggot Community

At the home energy assessment Maxine and her assessor agreed that the screen replacement package offered would have the best impact for her household.  As a result of this treatment, Maxine and her family can now open the louvre windows which has since reduced their energy costs and helped them to stay cool.


FLLatcha Residence, Howard Springs

Faye & Ricky’s home energy assessment identified that the fan package would prove most beneficial to them. This included a freestanding pedestal fan and a floor fan to increase thermal comfort and help them stay cool in areas where the ceiling fans did not adequately reach.


FLIR0691Norman Residence, Rosebery

Based on the home energy assessment Smart Cooling organised and funded the installation of external shading for Pam along the western facing wall of her home to prevent direct sunlight that was causing high internal room temperatures. This has increased Pam’s comfort levels and reduced the demand for air conditioning.


WP_20150710_11_44_24_ProEidenmueller Residence, 

Jutta and her assessor agreed that the ceiling fan package would have the best impact on her household’s thermal comfort and energy consumption. The replacement of broken ceiling fans has helped Jutta to increase air flow and reduce the demand for air-conditioning. Now, Jutta will set her air conditioner to 27                                          degrees and use in conjunction  with the new ceiling fans.