Sustainable House Day Darwin 2017

Sustainable House Day (SHD) is happening on Sunday 20 August in Darwin, from 10am to 3pm. It is part of a national day of open sustainable houses (note the national event runs on 17th Sep).

COOLmob is hosting the Darwin local event for the 7th time this year, having received support from NTEPA community grants. COOLmob recruits houses, provides promotion and staff and volunteers to help host tours of each open house on the day.

The aim of SHD is for people to experience what sustainable houses look and feel like: homes that use less energy and water, homes built with sustainable materials and who have invested in renewable energy, and in Darwin, especially homes built to keep cool in the hot tropics with minimal energy use. Visitors will tour each home, see what the homeowner or architect has done to create beautiful, efficient, comfortable tropical homes. Visitors will have the chance to meet the homeowner and ask questions, to learn how it’s possible to create your own sustainable home and garden.

Full details of the event will be available soon!

Please contact Glenn Evans, Projects Manager for more information or with any questions at:
E:   P: 08 8981 1984  |  W: