Renovating your home or purchasing a new appliance is a great opportunity to make your home more sustainable, more comfortable and more affordable. By being smart you can easily add a whole lot of sustainability features to your home, many at no extra cost. Here are some of our top tips to make your renovation or appliance purchase green and safe.



New Appliances, especially air conditioning units and fridges, form a big part of your home’s energy profile. In the average Top End household nearly 50% of your total household’s energy use is attributable to air condition.

Before you buy or install consider:

  1. What size unit do you really need-  fit for purpose is always best
  2. What are running costs– cheaper upfront cost may lead to higher running costs
  3. Download COOLmob’s Hardware for top end housing for more information
  4. Visit for a buyer guide


Sustainable tropical design

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Whether you’re looking to build, buy or make any structural modifications to your home remember to consider the key principles for sustainable tropical design. Including:

  • Orientation
  • Air flow/ventilation
  • Shade
  • Construction materials

COOLmob’s Design for the Tropics is a helpful and practical guide for all households. It’s been written by local experts for local living and will guide you through the biggest structural decisions through to the smaller, yet equally important, decisions about where to locate  air conditioning units.

Renovate your lives!


Renovating your home for sustainability does not require new appliances or a structural modification. How you use your appliances and your home to stay comfortable and cool can have as much of an impact on your environmental footprint and your energy bills. There are so many easy, free and cheap things you can do just by looking at your habits and behaviours around the house and when you head out to the shops.

COOLmob has put together a checklist to help you live sustainably year round. You can also download our Greenhouse Friendly Habits in the Top End for free.


Download printable version here: