Keep COOLmob in your community!

Darwin’s successful and popular COOLmob program closed down last year as a direct result of government funding cuts. Although it has reopened, it is only one day a week and with reduced services and capacity.

COOLmob plays an important role in the community as an independent, trusted local energy expert, and has done so for fourteen years. It has successfully delivered services, projects, advocacy and education and developed a good reputation in the community.

To keep a local, independent expert in the community sign the petition to re-establish core operating funds to support the COOLmob program re-establish itself as a trusted professional community service provider.



You can help save COOLmob by:

  1. Sign the petition to provide 3 years funding to operate a sustainable living program for the top end.
  2. Become a member or donate to Environment Centre NT

Alternatively if you know of any funding/collaboration opportunities for COOLmob, be sure to tell the Environment Centre on 89811984

COOLmob’s recent successes

  • Delivery of a 2.7 million project for low income households – Smart Cooling in the Tropics
  • Carbon footprint report for the Darwin Festival
  • Developed resources and provided free, impartial and practical advice to hundreds of households across the Top End.
  • Delivered hundreds of home energy assessments saving money and improving comfort
  • Provide schools outreach activities and education
  • Managed the Community Village for the Tropical Garden Spectacular
  • Delivered 7 Sustainable house day events
  • Training for early childhood educators and small businesses.