FREE Home Energy Audit Program

What is it?

The FREE Home Energy Audits are part of the Energy Efficiency Project, running until June 2019.

It consists of a visit to your home from a COOLmob Energy Efficiency Expert to see how you are currently using energy and show you how you can use energy more efficiently and save money on your power bills. 

How does it work?

The visit is informal and normally takes around 1 hour to 1.5 hours and consists of you walking around your home and outdoor living space with the COOLmob Expert. Whilst you’re walking you will chat with the Expert who will be filling out an audit form for you, noting down things about your home and appliances. Following the audit visit, the COOLmob Expert will send you a report with information and recommendations for you and your family to live more energy efficiently (and comfortably) in your home. Note that all your information is anonymous. COOLmob will also point you in the direction of resources you can use to make any changes you are interested in.

Am I eligible?

It doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner, renter or live in Government housing, but you will need to have a low income health card or a Centrelink payment for Aged Pension, Carer Payment, Disability Support Pension, Parenting Payment Single or New Start Allowance. 

How do I book one?

We have just begun the audits and will be continuing until mid 2019. You can register your interest below and if you are eligible someone from the COOLmob will be in contact with you to schedule a visit.