DIY Home energy assessment

You can conduct a home energy assessment yourself using the appliance calculator below and your most recent energy bills.

Take a walk through your home and list all of the appliances. You can download COOLmobs three booklets for more technical information and tips on reducing home energy use here.

Unfortunately there are no localised online tools at this time.



Electricity Usage Calculator

Click here.

This tool results in a pie chart estimating what percentage of your electricity use each of the following is responsible for: air conditioners, fans, refrigeration, pool pump, lighting, cooking, appliances on stand-by, hot water heating and general appliances. This is very useful information as then you know where to focus your efforts to conserve energy.

Appliance Electricity Use

What uses electricity in your home? How much does it use? How much does it cost to run? This list shows the relative amounts of electricity used by different appliances. Click here.

A useful resource to compare the energy rating of appliances is


Water Usage

Water usage in Darwin is amongst the highest in the country. Although we get large seasonal rains households and industry need to manage this precious resource. Households can receive a free home water audit through the Living Water Smart program.