Centre for Liveability Real Estate

COOLmob is a knowledge partner of Liveability.com.auBrought to you by the Centre for Liveability Real Estate (CLRE), Liveability.com.au is a collaborative initiative that supports you to create your best home; healthy, efficient, comfortable and connected to community.

The CLRE and their knowledge, research, local council and community partners are committed to providing the very best information to help reduce your running costs and impact on the environment without sacrificing your lifestyle.

For free tips, guide, how-to videos, DIYs, wholefood recipes and more; discover www.liveability.com.au. You can also check out the Liveability ‘Living in the Tropics’ Checklist for the Wet/Dry/Build-Up seasons, brought to you by COOLmob. The checklist is full of tips on how to make your home efficient, healthy and comfortable throughout the year.