There are lots of ways you can promote biodiversity in your own backyard, by planting a native garden, making nest boxes, creating a frog pond, keeping your pets indoors and keeping an eye out for native birds and animals.

Backyard Biodiversity

Greening Australia Land for Wildlife Top End
Provides advice on native plants and looking after land for wildlife for people with larger blocks of land.
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Land for Wildlife Central Australia

Helping people in the Alice Springs region to look after land for wildlife and garden for wildlife.
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Backyard biodiversity – Darwin Wildlife Sanctuary

Supporting Darwin residents to improve the biodiversity of their backyard.
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NT Field Naturalists Society

A group of people who enjoy observing wildlife in their natural environment.
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Volunteer for nature

You may want to volunteer with your local Landcare group to help look after local natural places, or as a local wildlife carer.

Landcare NT

Find your local Landcare group and learn the latest Landcare news.
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Conservation Volunteers Australia

Join an expedition or volunteer for a few hours to plant trees, survey wildlife or manage weeds and pests.
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Wildcare NT

People caring for sick and injured wildlife in their own homes.  Seek advice on a sick or injured animal or find out how you can help.
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Visit your local natural places

There is nothing better than getting back in touch with nature by spending some time observing wildlife, taking a bushwalk in your local reserve or cooling off for a dip at your local natural swimming hole. To find out where to go, check out the following links.

Territory Wildlife Park

Meet the north Australian wildlife in a natural setting just south of Darwin.
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Alice Springs Desert Park

See the desert come alive!
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NT Parks and Wildlife

Find a park to visit anywhere in the NT.
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Australian Wildlife Conservancy

The largest private conservation estate covering many sites across Australia.
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